Cardiff Half Training – Week 1

I’d made a recent discovery…. I’m not blogging a lot so on yesterday’s run I made a decision – a weekly blog to cover that weeks activity and progress. This should also follow my Cardiff Half training as this started this week!

Week 1 on my plan started with my session with Claire, who at this point I would say is the best PT EVER! no this is not said so she’ll go easy on me, it’s true… take Monday’s session… this was my first session following our holiday and having been up early with Jetlag and driving a lot that day, I arrived at Roundhay, totally not in the mood. Our warm up was around the lake and after my hissy fit because the session format was changing… Claire managed to get some serious intervals out of me… I can really feel and notice the difference of completing intervals.  My legs are getting stronger and I’m managing to keep the pace for longer.

Due to the weather, my wife and I opted for a BBQ instead of our mid week run… yes we felt bad but it was just so warm.

Weekend run… it was down as 5 miles. We were at my folks house so we contemplated Parkrun plus a little bit but whilst driving to my parents house we noticed that there was a particular roundabout about 2.3m from their place. A plan was hatched it just needed implementing.

Saturday, we both struggled to wake up initially but after some encouragement from Claire and from @depresseddetective on Twitter we went out. What I need to say at this point is whilst we were aiming for 5 miles, the out and back to the roundabout was up hill on the way out and downhill on the way back. The elevation below shows this… yes it was steep!

It took a while to get into the run but once I got into rhythm I was powering up the hill. I passed my wife as she was on her way back down which gave me the last push I needed to get to the top.

That felt like one hell of an achievement. Down hill…. I struggle running downhill, more from not feeling like I’m in control than anything.  If I could let go downhill as much as I push up hill i’d be doing quite well.  Still a fab effort.

In 3 weeks I do the Darrington 5 mile and after yesterday I’m feeling more confident. Another couple of runs and I’ll be sorted 😀

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