Feeling great

It’s amazing how a good couple of weeks, sticking to an achieveable plan and being open about the challenges ahead does wonders for the running. At the moment things are going great. After Mondays session where I smashed the hill, I had my first swimming session of my plan. 

On Thursday morning before work, off I pottered to the local swimming pool. I completed ‘Swim #1’ on my plan and I loved it. I’ve always been a bit of a water baby and love being in it. Breathing made more sense with utilising the tips of breathing out for effort and in for non effort but obviously this needs to be combined for when your head is out of the water!  

The only thing I wish I’d done was to stretch afterwards! Next time!

This brings me onto today and my 10k training run. The original plan was to do 2 laps of the lake followed by Parkrun but unfortunately I was running a little late so it was two laps (anti clockwise is so much better) followed by a hill out of the park and round then back to finish the lake lap… in honesty, it didn’t feel like there were times when I was wishing it over, it just felt so natural. It was my first time running with my new Apple Watch and I only looked at it once per lap, so it felt like I knew what I needed to do and just got it done.  

What was great was that whilst I wasn’t running with the Frontrunners today, I did pas them a few times and got words of encouragement which made me smile and think to myself how far I’ve come.
Next week 8 miles is on the plan and this will be my longest ever run… feeling like I do today, I’m not nerves about it at all.

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