How long? 

I meant to write, or at least I thought about writing a blog before running yesterday to capture how nervous I was about doing my run.

I was supposed to do 8 miles last weekend but in the end I didn’t run as we were out most of the weekend. So I committed to doing the 8 miles this weekend.

I don’t know why I was nervous but it was probably me over thinking it and worrying about whether I could do it or not! Taking this through to Brighton Half Marathon, I definitely have to do a run that’s slightly longer than 13.1 miles just to prove I can do it before the race.

After a semi lie in yesterday, I set off at 10:45 on my run and I had several different routes in my head I could do and I’m glad I did my first choice. 

First 2 miles along a familiar route then followed by 3 miles on a brand new section followed by the last 3 miles on a familiar route again, although 5 local villages. It was nice to be able to join these two routes together and feel like it was a new route, one I would do again or at least adapt depending on the distance I need to cover. I’ve already planned my 10km I need to do on Friday morning 😀

I was happy with my pace, slower than normal but I wanted to make sure I had enough in the tank to complete the run. The route was very hilly but whilst these were hard I managed to run up all bar one which is my next nemesis! The Wentbridge hill is hard at the best of times but getting to it 6.6 miles into your run is just cruel! 

I had to walk it this time but I will beat it soon 😀

I’m quite funny with my runs, if I look at the map I can see I stopped dead on 8 miles then walked home, now most people would’ve just carried on running to the end but no not me… my mind switches off and that’s it, I stop running! I need to sort that but that’s one for the future!

All in all having completed my longest run ever, I’m happy with how it went and now look forward (?) to 10 miles in a few weeks 🤔😀

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