Week 1 – review

Following my last blog and getting a stern but fair conversation with Claire last week, measurements were taken, goals were set and myfitnesspal re-energised. 

Goals set include both weight loss and exercise goals, with the first major goal being by July (my birthday month) of weight less than 220lbs mark which is sub 16stone. That’s 18lbs from where I was last week. Is it doable, yes because I’ve done it before but yes because it’s a realistic timeframe. It allows for our holiday to New York and the impact this may have to our eating plan! 

This last week has been hard, I have a really sweet tooth and it did feel at times like I was having sugar withdrawal symptoms! 

However, I battled through this and even on Friday evenning as I waited to meet my sister I had a cuppa tea in Pret and ignored all the lovely cakes and sweet things there. I was feeling light headed so made the decision (after phoning my wife) to eat a proper meal and not rely on the empty sugar calories. By doing this it also meant that I wouldn’t have to go to Macdonalds with her and the kids. A huge testament to my will power and a lovely naked burrito was had ๐Ÿ˜€

This weekend we were in Paris, so not necessarily the best food intake but it didn’t feel like I’d gone made, ok I probably didn’t need the Crepe but when in Paris!

I still have my cold / cough which is getting more and more frustrating by the day so still not running but it was good walking around Paris even if walking up the stairs at the Arc de Triomphe nearly killed me!

Weekly weigh in this morning and 3lbs lost… Happy days and moving in the right direction ๐Ÿ˜€

At the time of the Arc de Triomphe

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