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I’ve not blogged in a while, not on purpose just time. Life is busy busy at the moment not only with work but weekends seem maxed out with friends and travels. Which is always good.

Spring has sprung and people are coming out from their winter hideaways. It’s lovely to feel some vitamin D on the skin, it certainly adds a hop, skip and a jump to your step. 

With this in mind I thought I’d give an update on where I am at the moment….

Illness – I’m still not 100%, it’s been 7 weeks now and various medicines haven’t worked. Went to see the nurse and more or less got told off for being there, although at that point I was getting quite breathless. It was another thing to add to the list of why we hated our doctors so much, so the good thing that came out of it, is that we have eventually changed doctors surgeries. I won’t bore you with all the other mishaps but just put it this way, the lump on my head they tried to remove is still there but now I have a dent in my head next to it! 

Food – I’m still logging my food via MyFitnesspal and i can’t sit here and say I’m perfect but there have been small changes which I’m hoping are adding up… we’ve discovered Cauliflower rice. Wow – I didn’t need much convincing given how much I love vegetables and it certainly adds a different flavour to our meals and cuts the calories way down. With spring comes an abundance of salads and lovely fruit. A lovely time of the year. I still battle the treats and I normally beat the temptation but it’s on going.

Running – Today was my first solo run since Brighton.  A hard 2 miles but so worth it, it was great to be out and about around my village again. I’ve been having my sessions with Claire and last week we started to tackle hills again. As the clocks have gone forward we are back in Roundhay Park which is a motivator in itself. Such variety and good scenery, always good to be back there and off the cold, dark streets. Given my cold / cough thing I’ve got, considering I think I’m doing ok. It’s building up the confidence again after being knocked back. I’m happy to go by myself knowing that whilst I’m pushing it whilst poorly I can’t just sit around and wait for it to go.

Yoga – we have now signed up for 1 – 2 yoga lessons with a fab studio near us. My wife wasn’t so keen at first but having tried yoga a few times with Claire we decided we didn’t want to do a class, as we giggle too much, so the private sessions made much more sense and they are done to fit around us and not the other way round! The idea with the yoga is to build the strength up in our legs and core along with having a good old stretch 😀 loving it so far.

Challenges – my march update provided details of my extended timescales, so still up for Junior Parkrun in a couple of weeks. April’s challenge was semi cancelled on the basis that it involved walking up a mountain and given my current feeling of not being a 100%. I will do it this year. May’s challenge of a run around Central Park is all booked for next month 😀

4 thoughts on “Summary blog

  1. Giggling at yoga….You pair make me laugh! 🤣🤣🤣
    Can’t believe you still feel crap, that is a shocker. Hope the new docs and springtime sunshine sort it all out. Keep positive xx

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