I read Claire’s blog the other day about pitfalls and this has got me thinking…. 

Why have I plateau’d? What am I doing wrong at the moment that I’ve been stuck 2lbs from my next target for nearly 2 months? 

Yes I feel like I’m trimming and toning but the number on the scale hasn’t changed. 

Yes I know it’s not all about the number, it’s about how you feel, how much fitter you are and how much healthier your lifestyle is and in all reality I’ve probably added years to my life but that number is still the same! 
I have a plan, I’m keeping to it and mixing up my training but the pitfall that’s got me is the “treats”. It’s an automatic thing… I’m doing loads of training so I deserve a “treat” but it shouldn’t be and I need to think about whether I actually need the sugary empty calories (which I don’t) before buying or eating it.

I have a really sweet tooth so this has always been a problem area for me and something I do struggle with and probably always will but I need to resist!

Wish me luck 😀

Pitfalls blog – Claire

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