Run to Parkrun, do Parkrun, run home challenge (15km) – before

The day has arrived for the challenge / goal I set about 8 weeks ago… run to Parkrun, do Parkrun and run home. 

In total this would be about 15km. Exact distance will be known once finished! 

I’m sat here at 6:54 having had my porridge, after an emergency dash to the shop by my wife to get milk, thinking WTF. I’m not to sure which bit I’m more nervous or excited (same feeling apparently) about. 

The 5km to the park will be fine… a couple of big hills but I’m allowing myself plenty of time to get there. I’m leaving at 8am so an hour to get there which will be fine.

Pontefract Parkrun and I have never really got on… we’ve stopped running the course and Parkrun for a while now as I think it reminds us too much of when we started run / walk there and mentally there are places on the course whereby I always remember giving up and walking even though when we were running much further. 

Claire is coming with us today… she’s running to Parkrun and half way around with Kate and then finding me to finish Parkrun and then run home. So I’ll have some motivation with me 😀

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