What would this email say a year on? Part 2

Earlier I wrote a blog about wondering what my email would say should I write to a PT and ask for help, how would I summarise would I need going into 2017?

Well below is the email I’ve sent to Claire to ask for help 😀

Hey there

I’ve been recommended you as a PT to talk too about my 2017 goals and current position with regards to fitness / diet / motivation.

A year ago I contacted a PT detailing that my wife and I had lost 2 to 2.5 stone each the previous year following an attempt to take up running. We had some challenges for 2016, which with the support of our PT (she’s quite good you know!) we succeeded in… April 10k around the Olympic Park followed by 10ks in Hull, Leeds and York and whilst some may have been difficult with work commitments and injuries all 4 were completed and enjoyed. It’s awesome to think the positives from this year.

However, I’m finishing 2016 on a bit of a downer in the sense of struggling, again, with my food. 
I need to focus on the 2017 goals… my first half marathon is booked in for February and I want to do the York 10 miler in October. I’m tempted to do a half overseas but as yet I haven’t found one but there’s always time. I want to finish Brighton first and make sure I like it. I also like the idea of setting a running mileage goal for the year but yet to work this out.
I have longer term goals… walk up Kilimanjaro, horse ride in the desert and walk up Machu pichu… all of which need me to be fitter and leaner.

I need to shed some more pounds so help with diet and nutrition would be beneficial- my mind clicks and I get on it and then I get distracted and then switch off.

I really enjoy my PT sessions and these are a good motivator to get me going during the week.

Anyway, enough of my blabbering, hopefully you can help?



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