A morning of reflection following last nights session

As I sit here with my cuppa and breakfast TV on in the background, I wanted to reflect on what can only be described as the most rubbish PT session ever. Let me set the scene….

It’s 5:30pm at Roundhay and it’s about 25 degrees and it’s packed with a different crowd of people and not the usual park users for a Monday.

I arrived in a kinda bouyant mood (well my normal jokey mood!) and was ready for the session although at this point I already knew it would be tough with the heat. We decided against doing my normal hills and set off on a warm up and we then followed this up with some sprints. 

I was feeling ok but tired and hot! After a quick drink stop we went on the trails which were in the shade… Now given how much I love the trails, within a couple of hundred meters into the trail I stopped and was on the verge of tears… I just felt drained physically and then mentally I think I’d started to switch off! 

We walked a little way and jogged a bit and what’s amazing is that we actually chalked up over 6km 😉

What went wrong for me… 

– I didn’t feel very comfortable in my running kit, which is strange given its the same one I wear every time and there were no new additions
– my body ached… Not sure why but following the Parkrun on Saturday and a day of gardening on Sunday, maybe it all caught up with me

– it was boiling, I’ve never exercised / run in such heat

– it was so busy and at least 3 different people made comments about us running, I think that really got to me as normally noone comments unless it’s a fellow runner and that we acknowledge each other. I found these comments quite patronising and they got to me.

I could go on for a longtime giving excuses but I need to accept that it was a rubbish session and then move on and re-create the positive vibes and put this session down to an exerpeience. 

A really good positive was that I could to speak to Claire about my eating habits and get some tips for reducing my afternoon hunger and getting me to drink more. 

We also did a lot of work on arm usage and technique. 

So there were two really big positives and that’s what I need to concentrate on 🙂

2 thoughts on “A morning of reflection following last nights session

  1. We all have bad sessions. They can’t all be awesome sadly. Sometimes the best bit is that it’s over! Having had comments myself when I’m running which stopped me running for nearly a year as I was too embarrassed to run I admire your attitude of chalk it up and move on. Glad you found some positives. X

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