The build up to Hull 10k

Come this Sunday, I would’ve completed the first of the 10km’s as part of the Run for All Yorkshire Season pass. 

Sunday was our last training session with Claire and now it’s time to get the head ready for the big day… 

I think my body is ready, I know I’ve trained well and more or less followed the training plan with only a few blips along the way. Touch wood my dodgy ankles are doing ok (they must be as I finally got discharged from the physio yesterday) and I’m booked in for a leg massage on Wednesday to loosen my hamstrings. I’ll go for a run on Wednesday / Thursday to loosen the legs then that’s my body race prep done.

Now my mind is another matter… I’m nervous, apprehensive and already have a little nervous belly! I need to relax about it which hopefully I’ll be able to do as the working week draws to an end.

It’s a relatively flat course so that’s a bonus and I’m just hoping that it’s not humid on the day. I’ll be happy with rain or sunshine (providing it’s not too hot!) but more importantly I’ll be happy to run the whole distance again.

Time wise, at the moment I’m quite chilled about it but I’d love to beat my time from April especially as I’ve done another 2 1/2 months of training but I still have a few more races to get that under my belt 🙂

So wish me luck and I’ll update you after Sunday 😉🏃🏻💪

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