What would this email say a year on? Part 1

It was around a year ago that I plucked the courage up to email Claire after having two unsuccessful attempts of contacting other PTs who didn’t even bother replying. 

I honestly think that it was the fate of Social Media that I found Claire – still maintain there was no stalking!
Below is the original message I sent, this week I’m going to email Claire as if I was looking for a PT this year 😀

Subject Not stalking…. Promise!
Message Hey Claire I saw your tweet retweeted by fit bit and then I worked out you were the same Claire as Leeds Frontrunners Claire who was a PT! The wonders of social media hey? So here goes, Both myself and my wife are on a weight loss journey, having both lost 2 to 2.5 stone each, since last Christmas. We need to start looking at firming up and trying to strengthen up to help with our running. Coupled together this will then set us up nicely for our next chapter and goals in 2016. I am currently undergoing treatment with a physio for my back and ankles – basically no strength in my lower body, I now do a series of stretches for my legs and bum, everyday and wanted to add to this. We were looking for a joint PT session to help motivate and push us to the next level… We both work full time so timings would need to be in the evenings.. Is this possible? Be great if this could work out 🙂 Looking forward to hearing from you. Ali

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